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Samples of Literature Reviews in APA & Harvard Formatting Styles

Topic: A Review of Literature on Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility in SMEs in Rwanda

  1. This is a Quantitative Undergraduate Business Management Literature Review Written using Harvard: The chapter highlights the topic by reviewing the literature on (1) small and medium enterprises, (2) intermediary organizations, (3) CSR in small and medium enterprises, i.e., strategic reasons for CSR enhancement in SMEs, internal/motivational reasons for CSR enhancement /in SMEs, using CRS to manage risks in SMEs (4) challenges of enhancing CSR in SMEs, and the (5) government role in the enhancement of CSR in SMEs.

Topic: Is the Organizational Culture of the NHS Embedded Within Individual Hospital Trusts – A Literature Review

  1. This is a Review of Literature for Mixed Methods Undergraduate Business Administration Paper Written in Harvard: The research examines all aspects of the NHS’ organizational culture and then contrives if this culture is present in working NHS hospitals. The objectives of the study are to deliberate if the NHS’ corporate culture is evident among employees of individual hospital trusts, investigate the depth of the corporate culture embedded within the unique trust and its impacts, and investigate and speculate on any explanations for differences in the organizational culture between the overarching ‘model’ NHS organizational culture and the organizational culture within the individual trusts.

Topic: Literature Review on Mobile Phone Service Providers in Saudi Arabia: Students Universities Customer Satisfaction and Retention

  1. This is an analysis of Doctoral Quantitative Business Administration Dissertation Literature Section, APA Format: This review collects literature to address the themes: a) mobile services in Saudi Arabia and the GCC highlighting (i) the critical mobile phone service providers, (ii) mobile phone purchasing patterns, (iii) mobile phone service subscription, and (iv) the challenges faced by key service providers, b) issues and drivers regarding number provider acceptance, c) adopted theories and models highlighting (i)Technology adoption Model; limitation of TAM, (ii) Innovation Diffusion Model, (iii) Customer loyalty theory highlighting the factors affecting Customer loyalty theory and the Customer Relationship Management, (iv) Marketing theory looking into the Concept of Marketing Mix and the Interactive Nordic Approach of Marketing, c) customer retention practices in the mobile phone sector and the d)factors that Influence Customer Choice Satisfaction highlighting the demographic factors, economic factors, social factors, technological factors,  and finally summarizes e) effects of gender on choice, satisfaction and usage of mobile phone services and f) the effects of location on choice, satisfaction and usage of mobile phone services.

Topic: Literature Review on Strategic Leadership

  1. This is a Review of Literature on Organizational Leadership: The literature review looks into literature around a) behaviors of strategic leadership, including transformational leadership and transactional leadership, b) strategic leadership characteristics such as cognitive styles, interpersonal style, management style, communication, understanding of the organization, mentorship, c) problems being faced by current leaders and can be faced by future leaders, d) key to the survival of hardships, e) development of strategic leaders, f) guiding principles for the development of leadership, i.e., start with the top, link leadership development directly to business and deliver results, building integrated leadership, drive consistency in the execution of leadership programs and practices, hold leaders and the organization accountable for results, both business and developmental.

Topic: A Literature Review on Unraveling the Recession: A Task for the Leaders

  1. This is a Business Management Introduction and Review of Related Literature for a Dissertation Written in APA: This research paper seeks to determine the practical strategies that executives utilize. In so doing, executives will beforehand comprehend the implications of their decisions. Consequently, the institutional and organizational leaders will implement and adopt the most appropriate strategies to deal with economic recession based on the findings of this research process. The review collects literature on the recession and its effects on organizations, strategies employed by leaders during the recession, and the effectiveness of strategies employed by organizational leaders during the recession.

Topic: Review of Literature Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Iraq War Veterans

  1. This is a Psychology Literature Review, with American Context, Written using APA: This review collects and looks into the literature to test the hypothesis that Iraq war veterans diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are hypothesized to show more aggression in their daily lives. To ease transitioning and PTSD among war veterans, families of returning forces should give the returning soldiers a hero welcome. Also, unit commanders should offer encouragement and morale to their infantry during the war to help them cope with trauma and feel appreciated. It is clear from the studies enumerated that Iraq war veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are hypothesized to show more aggression in their daily lives.