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Laboratory Report Writing Services & Sample Lab Reports

Title: Experiment on the Locomotion Habit of Archaeopteryx and other Species of Birds

  1. This is a Lab Report on Ornithology in MLA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This report seeks to analyze how the late Jurassic Archaeopteryx's claws geometry was adapted to the locomotive habits, which include running, perching, and climbing. The report will also draw a conclusion about the tree-down and ground-up hypotheses of flying birds' evolution, and analyze whether Archaeopteryx can be traced to the evolutionary origin of the modern avian species and their locomotion habits. This study will also identify the different traits of the archaeopteryx that the modern avian species have adapted in their locomotion habits, and hence see if the late Jurassic species are the evolutionary ancestors of the modern avian species by studying their different locomotion habits based on their claw end angle.

Title: Mark Recapture Method of Estimation of Populations

  1. This is a Biology Lab Report in Animal Science on the Use of the Mark Recapture Method of Estimation of Population which answers:  What are a standard error and a 95% confidence interval?  How are these useful and important?  How would you expect increasing or decreasing the number of samples to affect the results?  How will the use of "trap happy" mice for the study (mice that return to the traps again and again for the free meal) affect the estimate of population size?  What are the assumptions of mark-recapture estimation and how are they problematic for the estimation of black bear populations in New Jersey?

TitleThe Origin of Whale: Evolutionary Analysis of DNA Sequence Data

  1. This is a Biology Lab Report on Animal Science in APA Formatting: The objective of the exercise was to investigate the origin of the whales using DNA sequence information. It involved the process of locating DNA sequence in the NCBI GenBank database and manipulating it in preparation for analysis. The exercise formed a part of constructing an evolutionary tree (phylogeny) using the DNA sequence information. The results were interpreted and a conclusion was drawn from the evolutionary tree results.

Title: Measuring Enzyme Activity

  1. This is a Biology Lab Report on Human and Animal Science in APA Formatting: Enzymes are substances that are used to speed up chemical reactions in animal or plant cells by attaching themselves to slots on the substrates called active There are different types of enzymes each with a particular reaction and when it is complete, the enzyme de-touches from the substrate and attaches to another one for the same reaction. The experiment will test the effect of some of the factors that affect the rate of enzyme activity and specifically, inhibitors, temperature, amount of enzyme, and the PH. Two enzymes namely catechol oxidase and salivary amylase will be used in the experiment separately.

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