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reference a literature review correctly“I need an expert guide on the best number of references in a literature review. After a long time of expensive services, you should try cheap, affordable and accessible literature review services. This way, you will be able to manage your finances as well as get quality work. When you feel “I need to know the ways on how to cite in a literature review” hire us. We make sure people handling your work are academically tested and proved to be of sound mind. This is to avoid instances of humiliation and frustrations from unexpected outcomes. When you request “help with the best number of references in a literature review”, we always inquire about your instructions which we combine with our superb team to get you uncompromised results. If you feel your work is a confidential piece, hire our private literature review writers who are highly trained to handle clients’ work with the privacy that it deserves. Many students face a lot of challenges identifying the best way to cite references in a literature review. Many get biased information from their friends and colleagues. Many of their lecturers are constrained by a tight time schedule whereby they lack time to give a feedback on the work. For appropriate ideas, views, comments, and information get a professional guide on how to cite in a literature review. This will catalyze your academic success.

The Recommended Number of References in a Lit Review

While citing your literature review, you should avoid using direct quotes. Use direct quotes only when you are not capable of expressing the idea using your own words. Generally, make sure that you rephrase ideas or information cited and cite them properly. If you find that challenging, just consult us and get affordable help with how to cite a lit review. If your professor has not given any format to use, you can use the format you feel you are comfortable with as long as the citation style remains consistent and accurate. We always advise scholars to avoid using footnotes; however, you cannot be penalized because you used them. Here is a guide on the best number of references in a lit review.

When the literature review is part of a research paper

The least amount of sources should be equal to the number of pages in the body of your entire research paper and this should not include the title page, reference page, abstract page and, appendices page. For instance, a research paper whose content (body) is 10 pages should have a minimum of 10 resources in its literature review.

When the literature review is a class assignment

The least amount of sources should be 3 times the quantity of pages in the body of your entire research paper and this should not include the title page, reference page, abstract page and, appendices page. For instance, A literature review assignment whose content (body) is 10 pages should have more than 30 sources. We understand that this may not be easy for everyone and that’s why we help clients with putting the correct number of references in a literature review.

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Help with Lit Review citingWhen you are required to do a long and complicated project such as a dissertation, thesis or even capstone, it will be mandatory for you to cite sources where you obtained information from. Providing citations and references for your work will save you the distress of being accused of presenting a plagiarized paper. Many scholars usually don’t know the best way they should provide references and thus they might score poor grades for their papers.  At Literature Review Help, we have employed a team of qualified literature reviewing reference citing professionals who do it in the best way. They have been helping scholars for over the last 6 years and this is a guarantee that, they totally understand how to cite or the number of references that one should provide for a lit review. Rather than offering referencing service or help, we also deliver other academic writing services to scholars at all academic levels. Anyone who needs high school research paper writing service can just hire a professional qualified in his/her field to help. Struggling with creating references for your paper? Struggle no more! We can readily help you!

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A Reliable Guide on How to Cite in a Lit Review

There is no best number of references in a literature review. This depends on one’s topic. For example, in history, there are topics which need just a couple of primary sources which tend to be university archives and some printed accounts. In the same discipline, there are topics which one is supposed to use many primary sources such as government documents, newspapers and, images, amongst others. If the topic was not investigated extensively before, this means that you will have fewer references and this does not imply that your literature review is not good. We always advise scholars not to stress themselves out because they have either few or too many references what matter is how they are used in the paper. However, you can avoid this stress by allowing us to offer you help with coming up with the proper references for your literature review. We always ensure that clients’ literature reviews have references which:

  • Are closely related to their research topics
  • Conform to their citation styles
  • Are within the last five years
  • Are numerically and sequentially denoted in the text 

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Lit Review Assistance Online

Literature reviews can be cited using Citation Styles such as APA, Vancouver, MLA, AMA, Chicago, IEEE, Turabian, among others. Different disciplines use different citation styles and therefore you should familiarize yourself with the style which is used in your field of study.  Citing sources gives credit to the authors whose information or ideas you have borrowed. The ideas or information source needs to be directly credited and this is referred to as citing literature. We have been ranked as one of the best and credible writing firms that scholars can rely on when they need help with referencing lit reviews. We offer satisfactory and high-quality writing services. Whenever you are stuck or you require a professional to show you on how you should cite your work, you can any time rely on us to help you. Our writers are time conscious and will make sure that they deliver your work on time even when you have requested for urgent help with how to reference a lit review. Our prices are very cheap in such a way every client can at ease afford them. If you are looking for affordable “assistance with writing my lit review” visit our firm and we will lend you a helping hand. 


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