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Detailed Outline & Layout of an RRL or Literature Review

You may be asked to write a literature review; however, you may not know what to write or how to go about it. First, it is crucial to write a literature review using the best outline & layout to avoid the miserable approach that leads to failure and degrading. The purpose of writing a review of related literature is to analyze & summarize other authors’ concepts and ideas while avoiding your personal opinions. No matter how relevant your lit review is, a poor format & outline will hinder your academic excellence. This makes it essential to know how to create a good outline & layout for an RRL

🗸 First, a literature review should have a very appealing introduction- an outstanding introduction for your literature review is essential, as it is critical to define your topic while providing a suitable context for reviewing the literature. More so, your introduction should establish your reasons for reviewing the literature while explaining the organization of the review. Additionally, a good introduction must state your review’s scope.

🗸 A professional review of related literature should have good body paragraphs – this is the medium body of your literature review, which will feed your reader with all the information they seek. Your body should organize your literature according to the collective themes. Also, in your paragraphs, you should provide an in-depth insight regarding the relationship between the topic & the broader area of study. If you wish to move from a universal & more comprehensive view of literature to a particular research focus, you can do so comfortably in the body paragraphs.

🗸 Lastly, a literature review must have a very sound conclusion- this is the most crucial part that crowns your literature review to make it complete. Therefore, it should serve its purpose inclusively. A good conclusion should summarize relevant aspects of the current literature while evaluating the state of the reviewed literature. Your literature review should outline areas prone to future study while categorizing significant flaws in the existing knowledge. Most importantly, be sure to link your research to the current knowledge. 

Our Writers Can Develop a Great Outline for your RRL

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How to Introduce, Write the Body & Conclusion of an RRL

It isn’t child play to write and complete a literature review; it is a detailed write-up that demands in-depth critical thinking. You must know the best way to write a good introduction, body & conclusion for an RRL, as they make a well-structured and presentable write-up. 

The best way to introduce a lit review; You must define your topic and provide a proper context for the review remainder. It is equally necessary to indicate the overall trends regarding what has been previously published on the topic you are working on. Proceed to let the reader understand why you are reviewing the literature and the criteria you used to search the literature. Also, demonstrate how your research will close the gap in the existing literature. 

How to write outstanding RRL body paragraphs; You should begin the body with a broad approach, then narrow it down to portray the relationship between the past research and your project. Your work should be precise to guide the reader regarding where you are headed. Following a rational progression of ideas is crucial, while citing two or more sources where necessary. At this stage, it is advisable to use quotes sparingly. More so, maintain a formal voice throughout the literature review while keeping the review objective & focused. In addition, your body should point out constant findings while emphasizing more substantial studies over weaker ones. It is equally necessary to outline suggestions and implications for additional research and where gaps exist in the current literature.

An excellent approach to concluding a literature review; At this stage, you will present a summation of your RRL while creating room for additional research needed in the area. Your conclusion should answer several questions;

  • Did you take the time to define the topic and target audience clearly?
  • Was taking notes while reading possible & did you search & re-search the literature?
  • Were you consistent & critical enough in your synthesis & evaluation? 
  • How did you choose the review type you want to write, and have you kept it focused throughout?
  • Can your review be termed as logical? Did you manage to stay relevant & objective throughout? 
  • Was it possible to maintain an objective voice throughout the review?

Help with Creating an Outline for a Project Chapter 2/RRL

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