Project chapter 2 writing serviceWithout proper background data & planning, writing a good project literature review can be very difficult. You must first understand the best way to write an outstanding project chapter 2, which is a relevant summation of the prior literature on the specific subject you are working on. Here is a sensible guide on how to prepare an excellent lit review, which you can present to the instructor and attain a high grade.
  • Take ample time to deliberate on a good topic- just like in every other write-up/assignment/project, deciding on a relevant & suitable topic is the first thing to do. Even though you may have decided on a subject for your lit review while writing a project proposal, revisiting it in detail is advisable. 
  • Highlight the literature you will be reviewing in the empirical process- when searching for literature, you will most likely come across various related literary works. This will depend on the research work volume done in your selected field. 
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of literature works separately- at this juncture, you will be expected to analyze & present your review’s results in an understandable & logical progression & sequence. If you submit your review in a hazardous approach, the readers will be robbed of the bliss your work reveals. More so, such a bad presentation will hinder the goal of the entire review process.
  • Make a summation of your literature in a table format- if you summarize your work using a concept map, you will let your readers get a quick insight into your findings. When you use table format to present your literature review summary, it will also be easy to trace sources. 
  • Amalgamate your literature, then begin writing your empirical review- here, you must identify the studies that share remarkable similarities & differences. The best thing about the studies is that they can be reviewed side by side regarding their connection.

Steps to Writing & Developing a Great Thesis Literature Review

It is imperative to clearly understand how to prepare a thesis literature review to avoid unnecessary mistakes. There are practical steps to follow when writing a good thesis lit review, which you must fully understand for outstanding outcomes.
  • Narrow your selected topic & choose papers accordingly- consider concentrating on a specific area of study, mainly an area that interests you and other researchers. You may talk to your instructor, read lectures, and brainstorm new ideas. However, limit your scope to a lesser subject area.
  • Do a thorough and rigorous literature search- you must define your selection criterion by using keywords to search the library database. You can look into a reference list of recent reviews and articles within your topic to find valuable papers. 
  • Thoroughly read through the chosen articles, then evaluate the same- it is crucial to assess & synthesize your studies’ outcome & conclusion while noting a few things. Understand the assumptions most researchers make and their testing processes, methodologies, and materials. Also, note experts in that field by listing the frequently cited labs. Do not forget to mention how & why theories’ popularity hasn’t changed over time.
  • Organize the papers you’ve chosen through patterns & subtopics- it is crucial to keep track of contested findings, relevant research trends, and the most influential theories. This you can effectively do by organizing your selected papers.
  • Proceed to develop a reliable thesis statement- at this point, you will be required to write one or two sentences, to summarize the conclusion you’ve reached. Your conclusion should depict primary trends & the developments you realized during your research on the topic.
  • Commence on the process of writing your thesis lit review- to write an excellent paper; you must follow the organizational structure you came up with. This will include all the headings and subheadings. Ensure that every section you write logically connects to the one before and after. Do not structure your selections by individual researchers but by subtopics or themes.
  • Be sure to intensively review your assignment- when reviewing a literature review, you must go beyond checking for grammatical mistakes. To ensure your lit review is well-presented, clarified, coherent, and complete, look at each paragraph topic sentence keenly.

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