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Plagiarism correction help in a literature review As a scholar, you may be required by your professor to write a novel on a certain topic. We are sure that this could be quite challenging for you, since it may be the very first time that you are writing such a book. Have you tried to look for assistance from your classmates or rather other help providers without success? Worry no more as we are here to help you. When writing a novel, more than just a pen and a paper is required. This means that unlike the way you write an essay or any other paper, there are a few very important steps that you need to follow. They are;

  • Summarize your work in one sentence- This means that you should ensure to illustrate all your ideas in one sentence.
  • Put down only what you are sure of- Take advantage of the personal knowledge from your teacher to produce the best work.
  • Ensure to write things that will make the readers want to know more about the novel, especially by writing about the people they hear or know about.
  • You should not include all the details that you know in your work. Preserve some of the information to yourself to use it when it is more appropriate.
  • You are the one to create the picture for the reader. If you are talking about someone's situation such as "drug life", ensure to include all details regarding the scenario.
  • The novel should take a specific direction. This means that your characters should always be in their rightful positions to make the novel more interesting