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Best Guidelines for Writing an MBA Literature Review

You cannot come up with a good master’s thesis without writing the literature review chapter. A good literature review chapter will help you build knowledge in your area of study. Besides, it helps scholars to avoid duplicating research that has already been done. Before you start writing a master’s thesis chapter 2, you should always identify the goal that you want to achieve. You should then research extensively to determine the existing gaps in the previous studies. During the fact-finding process, you should always prioritize reading sources that have a direct relationship with your thesis topic. Besides, you should always identify the findings of the past literature to lay a good foundation for your work.

Make citations using a consistent referencing style: Scholars should always insert citations in their literature review section. However, all the citations should follow the referencing style that the university recommends. That is, students should make citations using APA or MLA style.

Consider analyzing past literature instead of describing it: You should remember that the literature review is not a list of existing sources of information. Therefore, you should always make sure that all themes, connections, and gaps are evident from the beginning to the conclusion.

Rewrite each idea using own words: Originality is one of the qualities that the supervisors will look for while they are assessing your literature review chapter. Scholars should always consider paraphrasing other people’s ideas instead of using direct quotation marks.

Avoid using non-specific references: Many students commit academic suicide when they insert non-specific references in their literature review. As a result, they end up compromising the quality of the lit review that has taken much of their time. Let us help you with writing a thesis literature review, and readers will find it easy to explore information from your citations.

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