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Business School Research Critical Review Sample Topics

  1. Topic: Financial Analysis – Critical Review Sample (This is Business Fiancé Critical Review of Financial Statement Analysis, Written in Chicago: Financial statement analysis is the process that involves analyzing the organizations’ strengths and weaknesses through the realization of the link between different figures of the income statement and statement of financial position of the company. To achieve this, different techniques such as ratio analysis, trend analysis, the off balances sheet analysis, Cash flow analysis of as well as Z-score analysis are utilized. The review addresses the trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Altman Z-Score, and the Analysis of Cash Flows.)

pdfSample Critical Review on Financial Statement Analysis.pdf

  1. Topic: A Critical Communication Event Analysis (This is a Communication Critical Study of the Meaningful Communication Activity, Analysis through a Set of Communication and Establishment of the Relationship of the Event with the Theories Written in APA: In the management of risks, patients should be involved by crosschecking the routine medical procedures and reporting to the physicians in case of change. In case new nurses or drug administrators are introduced in the ward, verbal communication and patient records offer enough support and details required for accurate care provision. In case there is no proper relationship between the patient and the care provider due to a lack of frequent communication and rapport establishment, chances are high that the mediation errors due to communication will be settled in the law court in which case the physician or health institution has negligible chances of winning the lawsuit.)

pdfCommunication Event or Activity Critical Literature Review.pdf

  1. Topic: A Critical Review of Research on Pregnant Women in the Work Place (This is a Human Resources Management Review Written in APA: The review presents the first argument: Women on maternity leave tend to be made redundant by their employers; some even lose their jobs while on maternity leave, and argument 2: After the maternity leave, the mother is likely to find some of the supportive staffs already out of the company, and then compares ad contrasts the 2 sets of argument.)

pdfResearch Project Critical Review on Work Place Pregnant Women.pdf

  1. Topic: Critical Analysis of Safety in Social Work Practice Literature (This is a Public Relations Lit Review Written in Harvard: The review describes the risks to the Clients’ Confidentiality When Undergoing On-Line Counseling, Risks to the Counselor When Conducting On-Line Counseling, How I would respond to a client who wants to “friend” me on a social media website, How I would handle a situation where I am in a meeting with an agitated client and are concerned that I may be verbally and/or physically assaulted, Steps I would take to protect myself and clients in the case of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency situation that might occur while in session, The steps I would take to assess the situation and assist the client in seeking safety if he or she verbalizes suicidal and/or homicidal ideation during your meeting and What to do if you suspect that a client is being verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually abused.)

pdfCritical Study of Related Literature on Social Work Practice.pdf

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