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Best ways for Concluding the Literature Review Chapter

Students usually write the literature review to determine what has already been said regarding a particular topic. Besides, the literature review helps to show the gaps, relationships, strengths, and weaknesses in the existing literature. Scholars should always evaluate all the literature in the body paragraphs of the literature review. You must begin writing a body paragraph of a lit review using a topic sentence for you to guide your readers on what they should expect in that particular section. Scholars can also mention the source that they will discuss in a paragraph in the introductory sentence. Focused scholars should then evaluate each source in a separate paragraph to make it easier for the readers to understand the existing relationships between the selected sources and your study.

Summarize the important points in the existing literature: Scholars should always write a summary of the most important points and arguments in the conclusion of the Lit review. However, you should rewrite the points using your own words to avoid the duplication of information which can compromise the quality of your work.

Identify the significant gaps that you will fill: Considering that many readers will go through your conclusion to determine the gaps that your study will fill, you should always write a detailed conclusion section. Scholars should show all the existing gaps with clarity to save time for the readers who do not have time to read the body of chapter 2.

Show the implications of the reviewed literature: You must show the problems in the existing research for you to justify the relationship between your work and past literature. Scholars can also mention the remedies to all the problems in the existing literature.

Justify the need for further research: Scholars can also leave gaps to give room for further research. That is, you should ensure that people can do research and add value to your study. Hire professionals when you need help to conclude a literature review, and you will submit a top-quality work.

Get Help with Writing the Body Paragraphs of a Lit Review

When preparing to write the literature review body paragraphs, you should ensure that you come up with different themes that are important to your selected topic. To have a good connection among different sources, you need to combine your numerous reviewed readings into paragraphs. Then critically do an analysis of each source showing their contribution towards your themes. You can also include the following paragraphs in the body: methodologies, historical background, past studies about the topic, alternative versus mainstream perspectives, and the overall conclusions being drawn. When you get expert help on ways to write the body paragraph of a lit review chapter from our company, we always ensure 100% confidentiality is guaranteed on your work. Hire our company when you need to learn ways to start a lit review. We have a stable connection, a secure platform, a 24/7 response time and a reliable communication channel whereby you can call, email or chat with us. To convince the readers of the relevance of your work, you should document the conclusions from each source. Let us write the body paragraphs, and you will submit the best chapter 2. Need an expert who can write a lit review introduction? You can hire someone from our reliable online firm to assist you. Your introductory sentence should be your thesis statement. The thesis statements tell readers about your topic as well as the general argument or perspective the writer is presenting. You should make sure that your introduction provides an outline of why you need to write a review as well as why your topic is significant. Always give an outline of your literature review scope, criteria used when selecting literature as well as the pattern of your literature review. In case you face difficulties, remember that we are here to offer affordable help with ways of starting a lit review chapter

Guidelines for Writing Body Paragraphs of a Lit Review

Many examiners will go through the body of your Lit review to determine the success of your fact-finding process. Scholars should always make sure that they have selected the right approach when they are writing research project chapter 2. The decision to use a chronological, thematic, methodological, or theoretical approach will depend on your writing skills and your target audience. Scholars should consider using short and simple paragraphs to enhance the readability of their work. It is also advisable to break long sentences into two to make it easier for the readers to understand the information that you are relaying. Students should always make sure that each body paragraph has a relevant citation. It is also advisable to avoid using quotation marks in the body of chapter 2. Instead, you should consider paraphrasing ideas using your own words. Let us offer you help with writing the body paragraph of a literature review, and you will submit a top-quality thesis project.

  • Begin each paragraph with an introductory sentence
  • Add your explanations to expound an idea
  • Mention all the strengths and weaknesses in each source
  • Ensure that each paragraph leads to the next one

Many scholars think that writing the literature review is all about listing all the sources that they have read. This is not the case because you have to establish the relationship between your study and the sources that you have selected. Scholars should always make sure that they have begun their Lit review with an impressive introduction and ended it with a detailed conclusion. The introduction of chapter 2 should be simple and straight forward. You must select reader-friendly words for you to convince the audience that they should read the entire literature review.

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