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How to Write an Abstract of a Literature Review

Before you graduate, you will have handled several research assignments. Literature review writing is among the tedious tasks that trouble many scholars. Professors can assign Lit reviews as a stand-alone assessment or ask you to write a good chapter 2 when doing your research project. To demonstrate your understanding on a particular topic, you must write a great literature review. However, you can seek affordable Lit review writing services when you feel that you do not have the best writing and researching skills.

Begin with the background information on the topic under study: You must always write a brief background of your research topic to help your readers to understand your work. You should write clearly and concisely to ensure you provide relevant information.

Highlight the aim of your literature review: The purpose of your literature review is essential to the readers. Therefore, you must show your specific aim in a single sentence. With our reliable assistance with writing a literature review abstract, you can show your aim using the best statement.

Show the methods used for selecting literature: Scholars should always document the databases that they examined. Furthermore, you must show the number of literature sources that you reviewed. You should then show the criteria that you used to select sources from the list that you had.

Show the observations from the reviewed literature: You should show the weaknesses, strengths, relationships, patterns and research gaps in the literature review. Scholars should document their observations in 2-3 sentences. Consult us when you need cheap assistance with writing an abstract for a Lit review, and we will not disappoint you.

Conclude by giving your opinion on findings in existing research: Students should conclude their abstract in 1-2 sentences. While concluding, you should state your opinion on the findings of other researchers. You can also make recommendations by stating the implications of the findings from existing research.

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  • Insufficient time to conduct research
  • The scarcity of material sources
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  • Lack of proper guidance from genuine experts
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Need Help with Writing an Abstract for a Literature Review?

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