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Health Care, Transportation & Comp Science Lit Review Samples

  1. Topic: Health Law and Issues Critique (This is a Health Education Critique of the Case Regarding the Issuance of a Sedative to Mr. Smart and Erroneous Communication about the State of the Alarms that Caused the Death, Written in APA: Misinformation or wrong communication especially in health matters might be negligible but the result can be catastrophic. The law holds individuals liable for such mistakes. If the misinformation does not cause harm then freedom is granted to the individuals. In this case, the wrong information caused the death of the patient and hence I agree with the writer that Ms. Angel has to be held responsible for the act.)

pdfExample of a Critical Review on Health Law and Related Issues.pdf

  1. Topic: Pharmacology Medication Critical Review (This is a Pharmacology Critical Evaluation of the Ability Medication Advertisement Written in APA: Health literacy is important in enabling one to educate their selves and ask questions on healthcare. Advertisements on drug prescriptions can offer important information which can help consumers in collaborating with their healthcare providers in making wise treatment decisions on new options exploration, developments of further education on health, and instigating new patient questions which can be helpful in facilitating more active patient involvement and role in maintaining their own health.)

pdfPharmacology Medication Critical Analysis - the Best Sample.pdf

  1. Topic: Critique for Personal Property Movement, Inc. AIS Research (This is a Property Movement Review of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Written in APA: The paper describes the effectiveness of Initial Planning, Risk Assessment, Use of Holism and Reductionism, and the ethical Perspective including leadership and training.)

pdfPersonal Property Movement Critical Literature Review.pdf

  1. Topic: A Critical Study of the Reflection on calcMileage Application (This is a Programming Critical Review of the calcMileage Application Written in APA: The author concludes that the overall outcome was however impressive and successful as the resultant application was used in calculating the miles per gallon for different values. It was indeed a great learning experience.)

pdfcalcMileage Application Reflection Research Critical Analysis.pdf

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