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Human Resource Management Case Study Samples Done in APA Format

  1. Topic: Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust) Case Study (This is a Study Case on Human Resources Management Written using APA: The author chose the Canada Trust as it provides an excellent and high-energy approach in a fast-paced work environment. They offer a fully-paid research program, an open-door policy with senior management, and a chance to improve and influence how the company does business by involving researchers in strategic committees. The author hopes to converse with the head of human resources in TD Canada Trust and answer the questions; how would you explain the culture and the management style of TD Canada Trust? How does the company plan to expand or develop over the next five years? What obstacles are normally encountered in reaching the objectives of the company? What are the procedures used to judge how successful an individual is in their role? From what you have observed today, is there anything you consider I could have improved upon, or any basis for why you think I am not appropriate for this position?)

pdfCase Study Sample on Toronto Dominion Bank Canada Trust.pdf

  1. Topic: Case Study on Oklahoma DHS Pinnacle Plan (This is a Human Resources Test Case Written using APA: The Oklahoma DHS Pinnacle Plan’s main purpose is to enhance the child welfare system. The Plan has faced a myriad of challenges in offering children the right welfare child. Thus, the case study is aimed at establishing some of these challenges which include abuse of children, since they were placed in overcrowded as well as understaffed accommodations. This paper highlights the research topics by discussing the Oklahoma DHS Pinnacle Plan, challenges of the Pinnacle Plan, methods, and the results of the Case Study, including providing support to a proficient and committed workforce, training and workforce development, and the initiatives for Pinnacle point.)

Oklahoma DHS Pinnacle Plan Human Resource Research Paper.pdf

  1. Topic: Case Study Assignment: VRD Industries (This is an Organizational Change Management Research Paper of VRD Industries Written using APA: This paper discusses the assumptions on issues affecting VRD industries, the happenings between growth and change in VRD industries, the justification of May Wong's advice to Lee, the difficulties experienced in VRD Industries Given the Theory-To-Practice link, the open system model, and the evidence using theory in justifying the selection of Open Systems Model.)

pdfOrganizational Change Management Case Study on VRD Industries.pdf

  1. Topic: Managing People: Case Study Analysis and Recommendations (This is a Human Resources Management Case of the Ecologic Study done by a senior lecturer at Abc University, written using APA: The case study involved organizational leadership and management. The case study was conducted to study organizational leadership and management of ecology. The case study includes a human resource management researcher, Sally Evans, who was the founder and had previously worked in various positions within the corporate sector. From the case study, the leaders should practice good communication skills and must also have the ability to adapt to the group they are communicating with.)

pdfAnalysis and Recommendations Case Study on Managing People.pdf

  1. Topic: An Analysis of the Case: “Professional Behavior: Crossing the Line” (This is a Test Case of Human Resources Management, APA Formatting: In the case “Professional Behavior: Crossing the line”, the main problem was the school personnel’s unethical behavior. The case is about changing the culture to that of holding district professionals accountable for their unethical deeds. At the center of this initiative are Superintendent Teri Chambers and the newly appointed Director of Personnel, Jon Robertson. Remarkably, the main challenges in the district touch on human resources, a sphere the new director of personnel is not conversant with and has little experience. From the case, high performance and professional accountability should be part of any system that seeks to attain all round success. It is unethical to sacrifice professional accountability at the expense of an impeccable past record. As such, all professionals should be held accountable for their deeds irrespective of position such as in the case of director Todd McLaughlin who was a long-serving teacher and successful basketball coach.)

pdfSample of a Case Study on School Personnel Behavior and Deeds.pdf

  1. Topic: A Case Study on Program Evaluation and Measurement Tools (This is a Workers Health Evaluation Tools Research Paper Written using APA: This paper discusses the program evaluation and measurement tools, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention plan short –term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes, and the tools used to collect data. This evaluation first identifies the intervention program, then measures its population and subpopulation, and lastly assesses the mitigation of the risk factors. Each day many people are diagnosed with heart failure problems and therefore there is a need for interventions to mitigate its effects through various interventions that should be evaluated to ensure they meet the needs of the patients and they have successful outcomes. The heart failure self-care knowledge tool and the Exercise Tolerance, Anxiety and Depression (ETAD) tools are used in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the interventions and they lay out the procedures in the programs and their outcomes. In this case, the patients are able to understand the interventions and the doctors are able to model the interventions for specific patients. The tools for data collection are the scientific equipment that is used in hospitals and convenience sampling. The scientific equipment includes pulsometers, accelerometers, and ECG Telemonitoring that provides accurate data through their digital configuration. Convenience sampling is cheap and can be used to create correlations and models for the whole population using data from the representative sample.)

pdfHealth Program Evaluation and Measurement Tools Case Study.pdf

  1. Topic: Comprehensive Case Analysis on Google (This is an Analysis of Employees Performance Case of Google Written using APA: This paper discusses the SWOT analysis of Google Company i.e. a) strengths including the open source of services and products, client's experience and quality are the primary pillars, financial status, access to a greater number internet users globally, strong patent set, integration of products, and culture innovation, b) weaknesses i.e. depends on a single source of income, unbeneficial products, and patent proceedings/litigations, c) opportunities i.e. increasing number of mobile device users, patent acquisition, driverless electronic cars, emerging into an electronic company, the fiber cables, and d) threats, i.e. increasing the number of mobile device users, unprofitable goods, anti-trust laws of EU, competition from Microsoft.)

pdfResearch Sample on the Performance of Google Employees.pdf

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