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Things to Consider While Writing an Article Critique

Reviewing and critiquing an article are two different assignments that have been troubling students over the years. Before you review a custom article, you should understand what the examiners require from you. Scholars should also look at sample reviews from the internet to determine the elements of a good article review. It is essential to summarize the contents of an article without reporting any new information. A good article review should always evaluate another person’s article in terms of the main ideas and arguments. Students should always use short and simple paragraphs while writing their reviews to enhance the logical flow of their work. Students should also write a review using their own words to demonstrate originality.

The message that the author was passing: Students should always check if the author’s message was logical or not. Therefore, it is essential to comment on whether the author succeeded in delivering his or her message to the readers. You should also suggest ways in which the author should have used to communicate better to the readers.

Whether the article is easy to follow or not: A good article should always have a good flow. This is just because the readers will always find it easy to read an article that has a logical flow from the beginning to the end. Scholars should also highlight sections that the author diverted from the title. You can always talk to experts who write article critiques if you have no idea on how it should be done.

The effectiveness of the visuals in message delivery: Some of the authors will use images and charts to drive their message. While critiquing, scholars should examine whether the visuals used helped to complement the argument that the author was making. It is also essential to comment on the relevance of the images that the author used.

The relevance of the message to the readers: Scholars should not forget to examine the relevance of the author’s message to the audience. A decent article should inform readers about particular issues. With the help of our professional article critique writers, you will write an article critique that evaluates whether the author's message was relevant or not. 

Best Guidelines for Writing an Impressive Article Review

Most of the readers prefer reading the article review to determine whether they will read the actual article or not. A well-written article review should always evaluate the theme, main ideas, and arguments of another person’s article. Scholars should always begin with identifying a good title for their review. Citing the article under review is also necessary to make it easier for the readers to identify it. The introduction section of the article review should include the author’s main claim and the thesis statement. Scholars should also provide a summary of the article in the body of their reviews. You should also show your opinion on the thoroughness of the author in passing his or her main points. The conclusion of a good article review should restate all the main points. Scholars can also rate the article under consideration in the conclusion section. Writing an article review and critique are two different tasks that have been troubling scholars over the years. Most of the scholars do not understand what the difference between article reviewing and article critiquing is. Writing an article critique involves showing whether or not the author provided valid evidence while supporting his or her main ideas. Writing an article critique begins with reading an article and taking note of the main points and arguments. You should then take the time to come up with an outline for your article critique. If you have no time or maybe time to write an article critique, hiring someone who can write an article critique is the best option that you should take. Scholars should then question all the evidence that the author has provided. It is essential to critique an article negatively and positively to avoid biasness. Need help to write an article review? We are set and willing to assist you today!

  • Read your article and master the main points
  • Always write an article review using your own words
  • Do not forget to revise your article review
  • Prioritize on evaluation rather than summarizing the main points
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