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Tips to Follow When Writing a Literature Review

Among the very tedious assignments that students face in academics is a literature review, a very intricate and daunting task to undertake. Writing a literature review requires more than physical preparedness, as one equally has to be psychologically and mentally ready to take on the assignment. This is because a lit review is an overview of significant writings and various journals, which are based on a given topic. That makes writing literatures review hard, thus making it necessary to rephrase multiple chapters.

First, need to define the subject and the extent of your review: It is crucial first to identify the topic, and the amount of information necessary. That’s the first and most vital step when writing a literature review.

Search the library catalog and various other sources relevant to the area of study: A literature review should be written based on genuine sources. It is suitable to search the library list and other relevant sources to the topic.

Keenly read & examine sources to determine their appropriateness in understanding your topic: The topic should be the first thing to understand when writing a lit review. It, therefore, is crucial to determine the suitability of the sources used and how the information relates to the topic.

Interpret, analyze & discuss the results & the conclusions from selected sources: There are suitable sources of information, and the data has to be interpreted. It’s crucial to present the analysis results in a practical approach equally. 

One may cover multiple sources when writing a lit review, including books, journal articles, websites, and government reports, but still, fail to arrive at a quality assignment. To know that they’ve written a useful literature review, the write-up should provide a valid summary, description & evaluation of every source of information used. What makes a literature review important is that it is a part of a research project, thesis, or dissertation, which means that one has a more significant assignment in mind when writing a literature review. Sometimes students buy professional literature review samples to get an in-depth understanding of what to write and how. That may not be enough, thus making it crucial to look for quality critical literature review paraphrasing assistance. The assistance of expert literature review rewriting helpers gives a student the chance to overcome many challenges, hence attaining a high grade.

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